The Goals
of The Initiative


Add crucial capacity to support the anticipated growth in Internet use across Africa.


Diminish the risk of Internet service disruptions and degradation due to cyberattacks.


Buttress and enhance the overall resilience of the DNS infrastructure in Africa.

What Will This Initiative Achieve?

  • An IMRS installation is a deployment of multiple servers with large DNS query processing capacity, ensuring faster DNS responses within the region.
  • IMRS installations reduce the impact of cyberattacks, enhancing network security.
  • These installations also provide backup in the event of connectivity issues.


Phase 1: Deployment of Two IMRS Installations in Africa

  • Nairobi, Kenya: Launched in November 2022.
  • Cairo, Egypt: Launched in October 2023.


Phase 2: Expansion of IMRS Singles in Africa

The second phase of this initiative signifies the Coalition’s ongoing efforts to expand and enhance Internet resilience.

An IMRS Single is a single-server “appliance” designed to be hosted by an organization to improve Domain Name System (DNS) stability and experience by having a Root Server instance in close proximity.

This phase aims to explore:

  • Local Hosting: Encourage organizations with large networks to host IMRS instances, strengthening the Internet locally.
  • Upgrades: Work with current IMRS hosts to upgrade their system if required.


Partner with ICANN:

  • Collaborate with ICANN through the Coalition for Digital Africa.
  • Refresh and add IMRS instances to streamline Internet traffic, boost network performance, and conserve bandwidth.
  • Contribute to a more resilient African Internet and showcase your commitment to global digital equity.

Call for Expressions of Interest Now Closed

Are you an Internet Service Provider (ISP), an enterprise network (including universities and government networks) or an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Africa interested in hosting an ICANN Managed Root Server (IMRS) Single? 

By hosting an IMRS Single, you can potentially enhance network performance, decrease DNS query response times, and reduce bandwidth usage for root-zone queries. 

ICANN's IMRS program allows you to actively contribute to the development of the Internet infrastructure, demonstrating your organization’s commitment to a secure DNS ecosystem. Hosting an IMRS Single will not only showcase your organization's dedication to the stability and security of the global Internet infrastructure but also bolsters your reputation as a dependable entity in the digital landscape.

We seek to establish collaboration between eligible organizations in Africa and ICANN, with the goal of installing and operationalizing an increased number of new IMRS Singles by June 2025. 

The deadline (15 April 2024) for submitting Expressions of Interest in hosting an IMRS Single and receiving limited funding support has now passed. Please check back here for more information. If your organization is interested in hosting an IMRS Single without any funding from ICANN, please contact



Funding Opportunity


Your involvement in this initiative actively shapes the Internet infrastructure and supports a resilient DNS ecosystem, ultimately fostering a stable Internet in Africa. Join us in enhancing Africa's digital future.