DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Roadshows

Initiative: Encouraging Domain Name System (DNS) operators, registries, and registrars in select African countries to implement and deploy DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC), while working with network operators to turn on DNSSEC validation. This effort will ultimately lead to the development of a DNS resource portal for Africa.

Goals Of The Initiative

To drive awareness and build understanding of the importance of the DNSSEC, and to increase DNSSEC adoption and deployment in Africa. This project aims to spearhead DNSSEC deployment and validation by conducting capacity development and hands-on training sessions called “deployathons” in at least 15 additional countries in Africa over the next three years.

What Will This Initiative Achieve?

Africa lags behind other regions in the world in deploying DNSSEC. The DNSSEC roadshows will address that lag by raising awareness on how DNSSEC strengthens authentication in the DNS using digital signatures based on a public key that adds data origin authentication and data integrity protection. This encourages deployment and contributes to achieving a better protected DNS and more secure Internet infrastructure in Africa. 

As a result of increased awareness, we expect greater adoption of DNSSEC by registries and registrars, as well as DNSSEC validation by network operators in Africa, resulting in:

  • Overall improved DNSSEC deployment across many ccTLDs in Africa.
  • Increased uptake of DNSSEC at the second and third levels of domain names.
  • An online DNS resource portal and library.
  • More secure and resilient DNS infrastructure in Africa.
  • Greater percentage of DNSSEC validation among African DNS Operators.


African Telecommunications Union (ATU)